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To innovate successfully is exceedingly difficult in today’s environment, which often is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In some industries, change in the external environment is so radical that it can be hard to identify or predict. Customer preferences are in flux, uncertainty is lurking in new technologies, unexpected competitors are offering better solutions and constraints may be unclear or changing.

Attempting to identify and respond to the most pressing constraints and uncertainties can be complex, especially when change is occurring rapidly. To help companies manage this complexity, we developed a hosted software application called the Business Fit Framework™ (BFF).

Through the Business Fit Framework  you can analyze the constraints and uncertainties associated with new products. Instead of rushing into a project because it is a “great idea,” the project team is more likely to succeed if they use the Business Fit Framework to guide its efforts to identify constraints and uncertainties, including how to address them, and track them through resolution.

The Business Fit Framework software application leads the product development team through a process of looking for uncertainties and constraints in four areas where they are most likely to arise (Exhibit 1):

  1. External factors
  2. Product/technical feasibility
  3. Business Configuration™
  4. Commercial feasibility

Business Fit Framework

Exhibit 1: Business Fit Framework

We refer to these four areas as pods in the Business Fit Framework. Strategy helps guide market-product fit and business fit, the Business Fit Framework helps guide the product development team in understanding not only important commercial feasibility and product/technical feasibility, but also the constraints of external factors and the organization’s Business Configuration. Ultimately the team is looking for a solution that delivers the desired product, given the constraints of the business and the environment.

The Business Fit Framework identifies the levers to consider in devising the most viable and creative product solution. We have found that managing constraints—accepting them, breaking them or finding creative ways around them—opens new options and allows for new creative product ideas.

Using the Business Fit Framework software application, project teams can identify and manage uncertainties that have the biggest impact to the project. Because of the Business Fit Framework’s flexibility and broad perspective, it aligns well with traditional product development processes, as well as with next-generation product development processes, such as Exploratory PD, that seek to adapt to uncertainty and rapidly drive down risk.

Here is some feedback from some current customers on the Business Fit Framework session:

I thought the analysis was very thorough and made us think about many different things when entering the US market.

I think S2M did a great job in helping us identify the uncertainties of this new product category.

We did not really consider many of these factors prior to the BFF session, this session really opened our eyes to the risk and uncertainty we would take on with this new product idea.

For more information on how you can use the Business Fit Framework in your product development system, contact
Mary Drotar, Partner
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