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Get small to improve time to market

Small batches will help you improve time to market, read the difference  between the traditional and non-traditional approach to product development below. Traditional approach to product development (Batches of major activities) In a traditional phased-and-gated system, each phase is a batch of activities that has to be completed in order to produce a set of…
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Planning for an Uncertain Future: 8 steps in Scenario Planning

A recent article in MIT Sloan Management Review, “Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy,”[i] indicated a resurgence of scenario planning that initially gained recognition in the 1960s and 70s. Royal Dutch/Shell has been the ‘poster child’ of success using scenario planning to address the instability and uncertainty during the 1973 oil crisis. I was fortunate…
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Is There Customer Uncertainty About Buying Your Products?

As a marketer, it is imperative to reduce any uncertainty customers may feel about buying your product. Customer uncertainty can take the form of needing more information, not having enough experience with your product, or not enough evidence to assure them that it will perform as desired. Customer uncertainty contributes to indecision on trying or…
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PDMA – Product Development and Management Association : Blogs : Exploratory PD® Harnesses the Power of an ‘Adaptive’ Product Development Process to Manage Uncertainty

Guest post by Strategy 2 Market on the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) blog: Last week, Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey of Strategy 2 Market, Inc. introduced the PDMA Chicago Chapter to Exploratory PD (ExPD), the new approach to product development covered in our presentation at the PDMA annual conference in November 2015. ExPD…
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Creativity is not about being a “creative person”

We are frequently exhorted to “break the rules,” “think outside the box” and “be creative,” but frankly these phrases were just buzzwords with little meaning. That is, until I attended the Booth Women Connect Conference: sponsored by the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. I heard an explanation of the creative process…
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When Expertise Trumps Authority

We are big proponents of decentralized decision-making for project teams, meaning the project team is responsible for making key project decisions (e.g. continuing or killing a project), rather than always deferring decisions to senior management. Sometimes the project team can make better decisions than senior management because they are closer to the details of the…
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The Multiple Personalities of Risk

In everyday conversation we tend to think of “risk” as something negative to be avoided, and “assumption” as something we believe or find acceptable. Such generalities can get confusing, so Strategy 2 Market has developed a cheat sheet for the multiple personalities of risk terminology. Known – Something that is known with certainty or with…
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